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Red's Java House: Talking with Mr. Tom McGarvey, San Francisco Native Son.

Dec. 9, 2022

95 year old Tom McGarvey relates his life in San Francisco , selling newspapers, going to sea and running Red’s Java House for longshoremen.

Guest: Tom McGarvey

160 Years of Community: The story of St. Teresa of Avila Church, Bodega, California and its' pioneer founders.

Oct. 4, 2022

A presentation on the history of St. Teresa of Avila Church to be made October 8, 2022 at Bodega.

Guest: Jim Herlihy

Tonga: Memoir of a Peace Corps Volunteer. In conversation with Tina Martin.

Sept. 2, 2021

Tina Martin joined the Peace Corps in 1969 and served for two years in Tonga, a Polynesian Kingdom in the South Pacific. At times funny and other times moving, she learned the language and lived like a Tongan in a hut teachi…

Guest: Tina Martin

San Francisco's 49 Mile Drive or the 49 Mile Scenic Route ? Heather Knight of The San Francisco Chronicle does a re-make.

July 15, 2021

The classic 49 Mile Drive through San Francisco's picturesque neighborhoods and iconic landmarks has not been revamped since 1939 when it was created for the SF World's Fair and it as auto centric. Enter Heather Knight, repo…


Unlocking Longevity: In conversation with Professor Anil Bhushan of UCSF

June 25, 2021

Professor Bhushan is a founder of Deciduous Therapeutics, a San Francisco based biotech startup. Its' mission is to positively impact the human health span by developing novel medicines to activate our immune systems to elim…


Finding My Roots: Talking to Tim Early

June 24, 2021

After many years searching, I have found my paternal grand father's ancestors through a patrilineal DNA test. The Y chromosome only passes to the male line and often these ancestors share the same surnames centuries later. L…

Guest: Tim Early

Baseball Card Mania: the Big Business of Trading Sports Cards. Talking with Ryan Fagan MLB journalist with the Sporting News.

June 9, 2021

Baseball cards and sports cards generally are not just a youngster's pastime. Investing in culture assets like baseball cards especially is becoming an alternative asset class. A 1952 Mickey Mantle card, for instance, sold …

Guest: Ryan Fagan

Canada's mysterious brain disease: In conversation with Professor Dr. Neil Cashman.

May 14, 2021

An undiagnosed neurodegenerative brain disease has occurred in a cluster in New Brunswick on Canada's East Coast. 48 people in the City of Moncton and the Acadian Peninsula have been affected. The cause is unknown and no cur…


California's vaccination rates and getting back to work: in conversation with Susie Neilson, Data Reporter for The San Francisco Chronicle.

May 13, 2021

San Francisco has reached the 50% mark in terms of full Covid vaccinations, with 71% of the remaining unvaccinated population saying they plan to get the shots. And more good news on the jobs front - the City by the Bay is d…

Guest: Susie Neilson

The Lost Family: How DNA testing is upending who we are. A conversation with author Libby Copeland.

April 28, 2021

Over 30 million Americans have taken DNA Tests at home, largely for recreational genealogy and family history purposes. This vast array of DNA databases has linked millions of distant cousins and newly discovered relations.…


David beats Goliath: How a gym owner took on Governor Cuomo and won. An interview with Charlie Cassara.

March 10, 2021

When Governor Cuomo of New York issued his lockdown orders March 20, 2020, he failed to designate fitness centers as essential services. Notwithstanding the health benefits of exercise and the fact that 73% of the 525,000 Co…


Age Discrimination and Telehealth : A Conversation with Andrew Broderick

Feb. 13, 2021

The Medical profession has aggressively adopted the video call and the Zoom meeting during the Covid lockdown. Over 25 million video doctor visits have taken place in 2020. But as this digital health revolution got underway,…


The Crosstown Trail: America's most beautiful urban hike.

Jan. 15, 2021

The 17 mile trail that crosses San Francisco from the Bay in the South East corner of the City to Land's End in its' North West Corner, cuts right through the heart of our 49 square miles of natural beauty. It traverses ur…

Guest: Jerry Siegel