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Not just for San Fran Fans

The San Francisco Experience is not just for locals….the content is timely and relevant from coast to coast. Jim’s delivery is smooth and easy on the ears. His perspectives are refreshing and thought provoking. Listening to Jim’s podcast is both enlightening and enjoyable. I find myself looking forward to the next episode!

The San Francisco Experience

Outstanding podcast! From stories about the city he clearly loves and knows intimately, to perspectives on the State of California and the country, Jim Herlihy draws you in with his fascinating and timely subject matter, his knowledge and meticulous research, and his smooth and polished delivery. Highly recommended podcast for locals and for listeners around the world who want to get a feel for California and the mood of the nation.

San Francisco Experience

Jim’s presentations are modulated and easily understood. The subject matter is well researched and brought to life by its relevance to today’s events. Jim has been able to bring a richness to the San Francisco experience for visitors like myself. From the history of SF to current event like the response to the pandemic to the obscure fact, unique to San Francisco. I feel rewarded for my time, having learned something new and interesting. I’m always looking forward to the next installment. Definitely worth a listen.

Wandering Through The Jewel City

Jim Herlihy’s San Francisco Experience is a welcomed podcast from a longtime City resident who has lived and worked here long enough to discover the visible and hidden magic and wonder of the City by the bay. Jim’s clear voice and diction give the listener fresh insights, perspectives and explorations of San Francisco in all its cultural complexity and raw beauty. Celebrating San Francisco comes natural to Jim who has his heart firmly planted in the Jewel City, and let’s his listeners know it.

Her Highness

I'm grateful for Jim Herlihy's podcast "The San Francisco Experience" because I'd otherwise be in an uncomfortable stage of withdrawal during this pandemic. For years at 5:00 am he has been on the treadmill on my right at the Stonestown Y, where I had the good fortune to have two great conversationalists--Jerry on my left, and Jim on my right--a great way to begin the day. I've always been amazed by the breadth of Jim's knowledge and interests and his incredible memory. I was learning things from him as well as enjoying the conversations. Now I can listen to his podcast, which is typical of him, delivered in an animated yet calm manner and covering a wide range of topics, and instead of getting my exercise from the treadmill, I can get it from taking some of those walks Jim has mentioned on his podcasts! I just wish that Jerry had a podcast too.