March 18, 2021

Harvey Milk Terminal 1 SFO. Mural Mosaics.

Harvey Milk Terminal 1 SFO.  Mural Mosaics.

Emily Fromm's  mosaic mural depicting some of San Francisco's most colorful and diverse neighborhoods is huge - 40 feet by 10 feet. Of the 11 art installations at the Harvey Milk Terminal, it is by far the most impressive. Like all great murals, it depicts the mundane, in this case urban streetscapes in larger than life proportions. The cover art for this blog shows several of the mosaic panels.

And on a smaller scale and in in another San Francisco neighborhood, West Portal, Emily has adapted her style and theme  to decorate a streetcar platform for handicapped riders. Here are some photos of Emily at work on this smaller neighborhood version of her mural concept.