April 1, 2021

Christo’s Running Fence, Sonoma 1976

Christo’s Running Fence, Sonoma 1976

Christo’s 24.5 mile Running Fence art installation across Sonoma County, dramatically dives into the Pacific Ocean near Bodega Bay.

Bodega Bay was made famous by Alfred Hitchcock in the 1963 thriller/horror movie, The Birds. And Christo outdid that drama by having his great art installation Running Fence, jump off the cliff into the icy waters of the Pacific. 

Christo and his wife Jeanne Claude self financed the art installation. Once completed on September 10, 1976, it remained in place for 14 days. Then it was dismantled and the site restored. The pieces of the project were donated by the couple to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.  

Two markers remain, one near the village of Bodega, the other in Valley Ford, both in West Sonoma County.