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Ruth Paine, one of the few surviving Warren Commission witnesses, to appear on TSFEP.

Ruth Paine befriended Lee and Marina Oswald in February 1963. From April 1963 until November 22, 1963 they lived with her at her suburban Dallas home. She will be my guest on The San Francisco Experience next Thursday to share her memories and Warr…

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Combat Sports Announcer and Broadcaster A.J. Kirsch

Our Wednesday podcast guest will be A.J. Kirsch, pro wrestler turned “In the Ring” announcer and personality. He’s pictured here with Dwayne “The Rock”  Johnson. A.J. helped the Rock launch his successful YouTube …

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Hollywood Confidential: In conversation with Tommy Lightfoot Garrett.

Hollywood publicist Tommy Lightfoot Garrett is our guest on Tuesday, November 16. The actor, award winning author and veteran publicist will share with our listeners his decades of Hollywood movie industry experience.  Here is a selection of T…

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Arson Profiler: Ed Nordskog. A blogpost preview of Thursday’s podcast.

Ed Nordskog is an arson profiler, with 21 years experience in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.  He has investigated 2100 arson cases, and handled 600 bomb calls. He will highlight two of his most celebrated cases from his Fireraiser…

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